I began writing songs and poems in my early teens, fuelled by a desire to better understand the human experience and the consequences of societal pressure and conformity. As with most, writing became my refuge; a safe space where I could vent my frustrations and filter my emotions. I started to perform spoken-word at open mic nights around London and

developed a love for the potency of words, when delivered with frequency.

As a fan of the UK trip-hop scene and inspired by sonic revolutionaries such as Portishead, Massive Attack and Radiohead, I embraced the melancholic nature of my lyricism and started experimenting with moody vocal techniques and down-tempo music production. I found a dark, sonic space where it all made sense and have since been nurturing my abstract songwriting and production skills, whilst featuring in ad-hoc projects with friends and other like-minded musicians.

Currently, I am one half of alternative dream-pop duo, PINERO|SERENE; a paralleled songwriting collaboration with bassist, CHERYL PINERO.  ​​Our debut single, "Take My Soul", was released on 7th June 2019, as premiered by CLASH MUSIC, with the music video following on 14th June 2019, directed by Chris Turner, (FAVOURITE COLOUR:BLACK).